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Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to suffer - tiny servings of food, and enormous amounts of exercise. At least that is the way weight loss has always been - and this has been a major reason for the failure of weight loss programs. Americans, especially baby boomers, are just not into suffering in any form.

Therefore, we want the easiest way to lose weight without the maximum effort. There are some diets out there now that will help you lose the weight desired, and while you will need to eat healthier and get some exercise, they will not put you through the mill old fashioned diets do.

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Many people today are trying diet supplements that do not require the strict regimen of cutting food to a minimum and exercising to the maximum. Two of these supplements that have become popular lately are pills with acai berry and resveratrol in them. You can find these two supplements on sale on the web, and in case you are not sure about them, many sites offer a free trial.

The acai berry is a berry that is grown in the Amazon jungle. It has very recently been marketed as a weight loss drug with some fairly amazing results. You should go to the web and search acai berry and research it further.

Resveratrol is the ingredient found in red wine. Along with being a weight loss product, it is also said to be anti-aging. Having the same ingredient as red wine, it lowers cholesterol and in doing so, may help prevent cardiac events. You can also do your own research on the web by searching resveratrol. It too can be found on several websites with a free trial sample.

As with other diets, these may not work for everybody, but with free trials at least you are not risking anything. They may be just the answer you are looking for, and without going to extremes to get results.

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