How to Achieve Weight Loss Success With Your Partner

Losing weight is admittedly a difficult task that requires time, discipline and effort. One way to lessen the burden is go through the weight loss process with someone, preferably your spouse or significant other. The fact is, couples have a much bigger chance of achieving success than solo dieters.

A report recently released by Yale University says that when two people both desire to lose weight, they can provide the support that each other needs thereby enabling them to achieve better weight loss results than if they just do it by themselves.

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Permanent weight loss is not attained by taking diet pills or counting calories. A serious lifestyle change is in order and this requires support from loved ones, particularly your spouse. According to nutrition experts, couples that work together on changing their attitude about eating have a good chance of achieving permanent weight loss. There may be a problem however, if one partner is serious about dieting while the other is not. The best thing to do is to continue to be supportive and lead by example. The less interested partner will sooner or later notice the other partner's commitment and become motivated anew.

When the level of commitment is not the same, your partner may give up and would want you to do the same. You first need to find out why your partner is having difficulty sticking with the program. Next, show further support and explain the importance of staying committed to the new lifestyle, and finally request your partner to give also give you support. Decide from the start that no matter what, you will not let your partner make you give up on your weight loss goal.

The same experts say that when couples view themselves as simply "dieting together", the tendency is for them to go back to their old unhealthy eating habits and start gaining back the pounds they have already lost. Although controlling one's caloric intake is important, couples should focus more on making permanent changes in eating behavior and attitude towards food. Counting calories can easily become a fixation but it should not be the main goal because this leads to a cycle of weight loss and weight gain. With the new lifestyle changes in place, there will be built-in "mechanisms" will allow them to do away with calorie counting.

An integral part of this team effort at weight loss is communication. While working towards a healthier body, both of you can strengthen and deepen your bond with each other. This can be achieved by keeping the lines of communication open at all times. It is through constant communication that you and your partner can motivate and encourage each other. Take note however that for a relationship that is already on shaky ground, dieting together may add to the tension which can eventually lead to a break up.

Dieting with your partner can be an enriching and unique experience which both of you will treasure. Begin by making a firm commitment to each other that both of you will stick to your weight loss plans as a tandem no matter what. This is the assurance that will put both of you on the road to weight loss success.

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